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‘Tis our primary goal to become Melbourne’s Greatest Adult Entertainment Club

Our ladies are not only some of the hottest ladies in Melbourne’s North but they are also some of the friendliest and happiest.

Over the last 20 years, we have learned a thing or two. Moreover, we have learned what gentlemen want from a brothel/parlour and we have have learned what our ladies want. Therefore, our goal is to provide both in such a way that our brothel becomes the gold standard in Australia.

Why our ladies are happy

At 26HB, we understand that our ladies’ happiness links directly to our customers’ experience. This means, when our ladies are happy, they provide better services. Whilst this isn’t rocket science it is harder said than done.

We start by treating our ladies how they deserve to be treated. As a result, we provide a sense of community and togetherness that is rarely seen and our ladies respond well and our numbers are growing fast as a result.

Why our customers are happy

Anyone who chooses to try 26HB will learn why our customer base seem to appreciate the quality of our ladies and the friendliness and softness of our heavily female-focused management team. With generous member bonuses, happy, beautiful ladies and Melbourne’s most competitive prices, it is easy to understand why our customers are happy. Check out some of our google reviews.


A 26HB Membership is something truly special. We do not make our valued customers book 10 times or more just to receive a pesky discount. We provide real, genuine bona-fide discount offers and bonuses to our customers. Recent offers include 20, 30 and 40 dollars off 30, 45 & 60 minute bookings for a full month. Our membership discounts are received instantly upon joining.

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Our facilities

It is important to us that you are comfortable. And, ’tis for this reason we provide a spacious private setting, for our lovely ladies to introduce themselves and welcome you to our adult entertainment club. We also provide a discreet and private rear entrance and car park for your ultimate enjoyment. We understand the important of discretion and ultimate privacy and make it our mission to ensure your unrivalled comfort.

Our ladies roster

You will discover that our ladies roster is updated twice daily, we also showcase this on our website and Twitter. We have a range of erotic services and ladies to suit your desires and needs.

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We are fully licensed, legal & safe

You can rest assured our ladies are regularly tested and we are fully licensed, legal and safe. Protect your reputation and stay safe.

We are 100% legal

That’s right, you can visit 26HB and you aren’t in danger of being prosecuted or embarrassed. We strictly adhere to all legal guidelines as enforced by the BLA. Read more about legal brothels here. PCA 944BE

Stay safe

By visiting 26HB you remain safe. Our clients are safe from prosecution & most importantly safe from the spread of diseases or STI’s. Our ladies are mandatorily tested and maintain strict personal health strategies. Learn more

We are discreet

At 26HB privacy will always be our top priority. Our managers, reception and ladies understand the importance of discretion and our clients can trust that thier personal information will never be shared. Ssssh!