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In the T&C’s of our Scratch, Win & $20 OFF Extras deal, out of this world dual-discounts prevail, Not to be paired with any other 26HB entails, each gentleman, each day, may avail, for bookings of 30+ minutes, the offer sails.

In the realm of our Scratch, Win & $20 OFF Extras delight, out-of-this-world dual-discounts take flight. One condition we ask you to

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Terms & conditions (plain language)

  • Our Scratch Win & Play With Reduced Extras promotion is available as a dual discount only,
  • This out of this world offer is ‘not’ valid to be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  • Valid for one booking, per gentleman, per day.
  • IMPORTANT: Valid for 30+ min bookings
  • Valid for 26HB VIPs only.
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